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Formula of Life

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Hello, dear visitor!

This site reveals a simple method developed by Alya Ayat Farhad Muhamedovich Abdullayev and his wife Nina Ana, for the self-healing of the body and soul, with the use of solar energy and detox tea Etken. The secret to the effectiveness of this simple method is the utterance of the Formula of Life proposed by Abdullayev, which allows multiple components to strengthen the positive effects.

One's work with Alya Ayat can qualitatively improve their life, get rid of disease, troubles, negative energy, to become aware of their shortcomings and give strength to correct them. Learning Alya Ayat, one would endeavor upon personal cleansing, healing, becoming open-minded and confident coming into a new life, without pain, without drugs, and without suffering. A person who follows this method becomes a carrier of a source of great potential positive energy, which improves and purifies the world and people around them. We have a simple and accessible method, to become a cleaner, kinder and healthier person helping those around them.

All information material on the site Alya Ayat formed for educational purposes only and does not contain advertisement. To date, all across the world, using a system of self-improvement and development of the human consciousness and personal health, Alya Ayat founder Abdullayev Farhad Muhamedovich, has yielded serious and fundamental results.

The simple techniques of Alya Ayat and sessions with a guide on our website allow you to restore health and wellness to your body. The user of this method takes their healing into their own hands.